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Parks, Reserves, and other Protected Areas in

San Marino

Nature Parks

  • Parco Naturale di Montecchio

Other Protected Areas

  • Pineta di Montecerreto – Castello di Acquaviva
  • Parco Ausa di Dogana
  • Parco Laiala di Serravalle
  • Arboreto di Ca’ Vagnetto
  • Pineta di Domagnano
Nature Conservation in San Marino
Most of the San Marino landscape is the product of man's interaction with nature; a mosaic of urban development, agriculture, forestry, industry, and other activities. This landscape is long established and protection is achieved through a complicated web of policy and administration such as planning and agricultural legislation. In a statute of 1245, protected forest zones (Gualdarie) were first identified and defined. Currently, the various forms of protected area include forest, hunting and fishing reserves and natural parks.
Centuries of man's use of the landscape has led toa distinct lack of natural ecosystems, although there are still areas of semi-natural Mediterranean vegetation and relict flora and fauna communities on the cliffs and slopes of Monte Titano and copses throughout the republic. Managed woodlands and the cliff habitats are de facto nature reserves in San Marino.

Sources: UNEP-WCMC, Department of Tourism