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Parks, Reserves, and Other Protected Areas in



Nature Reserves

  • Boven Coesewijne
  • Brinckheuvel
  • Centraal Suriname (www)
  • Copi
  • Coppenname-monding
  • Galibi (www)
  • Hertenrist
  • Peruvia
  • Sipaliwini
  • Wai-Wai
  • Wane-kreek

Nature Parks

  • Brownsberg (www)

Proposed Nature Reserves

  • Kaburi
  • Nani

Proposed Forest Reserves

  • Mac Clemen
  • Snake Creek

Specially Regulated Areas

  • Bigi Pan
  • Noord Commewijne/Marowijne
  • Noord Coronie
  • Noord Saramacca

World Heritage Convention

  • Centraal Suriname Nature Reserve (www)
Protected Areas in Suriname
Approximately 80% of Suriname is covered by dense tropical rainforest. These tropical rainforests house an abundance of flora and fauna. Numerous species are endemic to Suriname. Such species like the blue poison dart frog (Dendrobatus azureus) have attracted scientists from all over the world. Suriname has been one of the first countries in South America to establish a nature reserves system. At the moment, the country has 11 nature reserves and 1 nature park.

The Nature Protection Act of 1954 is the legislative cornerstone for conservation in Suriname. The act recognizes that establishing protected areas is important to scientific knowledge, recreation and education, as well as for ethical and economic reasons. To qualify as a nature reserve, an area must be noteworthy because of its biodiversity or varied landscape, or as a result of fauna, flora or geological features of scientific or cultural value.

Source: Suriname Conservation Foundation; Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname