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El Salvador

National Parks

  • El Imposible
  • Montecristo


  • Laguna El Jocotal
Protected Areas in El Salvador
In El Salvador there are only three protected areas established by law. Bills have already been elaborated for several areas which will form the Protected Areas National System (SANP), still under study or to be approved.
The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador divides the protected areas of SANP into the following groups:
  • State Areas, not interested by the Agricultural Reform
  • State Areas, interested by the Agricultural Reform
  • Municipal Areas
  • Private Areas
  • Priority Areas
  • Areas with Establishment Decree

Main Criteria for the Establishment of a Protected Area
A Protected Area should:

  • represent one or more original communities of the Country
  • be characterized by autochthonous species
  • be characterized by endemic species
  • be characterized by the presence of a species representing a cultural symbol of the Country
  • represent a unique landscape (Natural Monuments)
  • be characterized by populations of wild species with a genetic potential useful for commercial purposes
  • be characterized by paleontological finds of scientific interest at a local, regional, and world level.

Source: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales - El Salvador, C.A.