Parks of the Arusha Region

Environmental Education


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The project will involve the Parks of the Arusha Region having environmental features and management problems similar to those characterizing Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime. In particular, the activities will focus, in Tanzania, in Arusha National Park.
The project described below will involve several Italian and Tanzanian partners (Regione Piemonte, Parco Alpi Marittime, Università dell’Insubria, section of Varese, Tanzania National Parks, Istituto Oikos Tanzania). The partnership with Istituto Oikos, an association recognized in Tanzania, has been suggested since it has been working on the spot since 1996 with sustainable management and environmental safeguard projects; therefore, it can ensure contacts with local institutions and provide an essential logistic support. Istituto Oikos Tanzania is equipped with a permanent tented research camp within Tarangire Park and an office and GIS station in Arusha. The availability of this logistic base, staff already working on the spot, and a series of agreements which have been already signed by the Tanzanian party, have given the opportunity to elaborate this present project.

General Objectives

The project is based on the following approach:
  • active participation of the local party at any level, both in the definition of the objectives and in the planning and management of the measures, as an essential premise to achieve long-term and sustainable objectives;
  • technical-scientific components that are functional to the achievement of the cooperation objectives, that is promotion and development of economic opportunities in the field of environmental tourism that can bring direct benefits to the local communities in Tanzania and to tourist operators in Italy;
  • promotion of sensitization initiatives dedicated to the community of Piedmont, witnessing the commitment of Regione Piemonte in Tanzania and contributing to develop a greater awareness on the importance of cooperation in the environmental field at a world level.

That being stated, the general objective of the project is to strengthen the collaboration and cultural exchange between the Arusha Region (Tanzania) and Piemonte Region (Italy) in the environmental, tourist, and social fields, paying particular attention to the conservation and management of natural resources and to sustainable development.

Specific Long-term Objectives

The specific objective of the project is to put into action a program of training and technological and cultural exchange between Italian and Tanzanian public bodies working in the field of conservation and management of the natural resources at a regional level. In particular:
  • Promoting the development of a supranational vision and approach in the field of conservation and management of the natural resources and parks through a program of cultural exchanges dedicated to administrators of protected areas, aimed at comparing experiences and knowledge in the field of administration activity and planning.
  • Improving and diversifying the tourist activity in the parks of the Arusha region through a professional qualification of the technical staff, aimed at improving the knowledge of the aspects concerning flora, vegetation, and fauna, with tourist purposes.
  • Promoting the knowledge and enhancement of the Tanzanian parks towards sustainable development, the promotion of new opportunities and the development of new channels for operators working, in Italy and Tanzania, in the field of naturalistic tourism.
  • Promoting sensitization initiatives among the population of Piedmont, as far as development cooperation and conservation of the natural resources are concerned.

Possible Future Developments

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Future programs:
  • Program of cultural exchanges
    The vision of the issues regarding the conservation of nature and the management of the parks at a global level, the exchange of experiences and management techniques which, even if regarding different environmental and socio-economic contexts, have several common elements can represent a great cultural richness for those operating in the field, both with decision-making roles and technical-administrative functions. Starting cultural exchanges in this field can help to make real forms of democratic and ecosustainable development in areas of the planet which are fragile, both from an economic and ecological point of view.

  • Improvement of the tourist activity in the parks
    The parks of the Arusha region have always been famous and appreciated by international tourism and represent a considerable income for the government of Tanzania. For this reason, a correct management of tourism is extremely important, both as an occasion to safeguard natural resources and as an ideal instrument to create jobs for the local population. This could be obtained by improving the information provided to tourists in the Parks of the Arusha Region, producing informative material (brochures and publications) aimed at promoting a more aware and satisfying tourist activity in the Parks of the Arusha Region.
    Moreover, in Tanzania, courses of professional qualification in the field of monitoring and tourist exploitation of natural resources have been organized: they are dedicated to the staff involved in the management of tourism in the parks of the Arusha region.

  • Promotion of new opportunities for the operators in the field of naturalistic tourism

  • Sensitization of the population of Piedmont
    Involving the population of the provinces of Piedmont in sensitization activities regarding cooperation in the environmental field and sustainable tourism, through exhibits and conferences.