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Last summer a delegation from Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve went to Udzungwa Mountains National Park to make the park twinning official and to analyze the possible development of the collaboration.
The visit has been extremely interesting and useful since it has given the opportunity to get in touch with the complex reality of this region of Tanzania and get to know the people who benefitted from the projects financed by Regione Lazio and some private partners (among which, in particular, WWF Italia).

Our Park started a profitable collaboration with the African Park: it provided a portable computer with GIS and some GPS devices. During the stay, some training days were organized to teach the Park staff how to use the GPS devices and the GIS software. Moreover, the two protected areas exchanged interesting experiences regarding tourism promotion and the biodiversity monitoring programs for the creation of a database and the management and conservation of flora and fauna.

One of the financed projects agreed on with the local authorities was aimed at a local school, the Mlimani Primary School. The delegation checked the state of the ongoing works regarding the two new buildings (a school refectory and toilets) and delivered the volumes for the library and a PC.
During the following days, the delegation held an introductory lesson on how to use the PC.
Before leaving, it met the government and school authorities of Kilombero district, where the village of Mang'ula is situated.
Besides the interest and enthusiasm shown for the initiative supporting the school of Mang'ula, the local authorities suggested to transform the Mlimani Primari School into the reference point for the other schools of the district as far as environmental education is concerned.

Moreover, it was decided to start a twinning also among the schools situated in the surroundings of the protected area to exchange experiences and develop specific educational programs on conservation issues and environmental education.