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Places to Stay

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Within the Park, the one and only accommodation opportunity is represented by three campsites. The price is 20 $ per person, per night, and does not include the Park entrance ticket. Campsite no. 1 is just 700 m far from the Park gates, in the direction of Prince Bernard Falls. Campsite no. 2 lies in a better position, 2 km far from the gates. Campsite no. 3 is the most equipped area, but it is situated at a few meters from the entrance gate, next to the road.

Just outside the Park there are a couple of hotels you can reach from the village of Mang'ula with a short walk. Hotel Twiga (+255-23-2620620) is being renovated by the Park and currently works only as a restaurant. Another hotel is Udzungwa Mountains View Hotel (+255-23-2620260), 600 m far away, along the road to Ifakara, with large garden in front of the forest of the Park, whose entrance can be reached with a short walk.
You can also sleep in Mountain Peak Hotel in the center of the village of Mang'ula, while for meals you can ask to the above-mentioned hotels or the various small restaurants of the village to taste the characteristic local cuisine, mainly based on rice (wali), ugali (a traditional polenta made with corn or manioc), chicken (kuku), and meat (nyama) of cattle (ng'ombe) and goats (mbuzi) often together with fried bananas or potatoes, cooked vegetables, abundant fruit (matunda), like pineapples, bananas, papaya, mango, oranges, etc.