Zona Speciale di Conservazione Col Gentile

Identity Card
Cod. RN2000: IT3320008
Surface Area: 1.038,00 ha
Provinces: UD
  • Mowing meadows near Pani di Raveo (photo by Oriolo)
  • Red fir wood boundary between Casera Campo and Casera Veltri  (photo by ZSC Col Gentile)
  • Tetrao tetrix (photo by ZSC Col Gentile)

Beechwoods and moorlands, home of the black grouse

This site presents significant surfaces of Illyrian calciferous (91K0) beechwoods and an acidophilic thermophilic scree on its southern slope. The vast moorlands, a sign of the pasture abandonment, are widespread in the Alpine lands. From a floristic point of view, very important is the now rare alpine sea holly (Eryngium alpinum) while, as it concerns the fauna, this territory has a certain relevance for the Black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). There are actually many areas suitable for broods. Interposed between the ZPS “Alpi Carniche” and other Nature 2000 sites in the Alpine area (Biviera and Clapsavon, Friuli Dolomites) and in the pre-Alpine area (Monte Verzegnis e Valcalda), this site is significant to guarantee the ecological connection between the different reproductive species, fostering an adequate gene exchange within the population.

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