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My name is Franco and I’m the son of Natalina, the owner of this small apartment. A few years ago I decided to reduce my employment in the regional capital to spend more time in Manarola. I made this decision to carry on the family’s tradition of vineyard growing, too. Our vineyard is called Lesiàn, and the grapes we harvest are partly given to Cinque Terre’s agricultural cooperative, and partly turned into wine using the traditional methods my father (who sadly left us few years ago) taught us. The family cellar, which is one of the few not to have been restored in the modern way, is exactly under the apartment. To give guests a better chance of understanding the uniqueness of our land, I offer a bottle of our wine when they check in, and a note explaining how wine is the perfect expression of our terraced landscape and probably the very reason why the Cinque Terre towns exist. Guests are also invited to visit the cellar.
The apartment
The apartment is family-run, and I personally welcome the guests; I am at their disposal to answer all their questions and satisfy their curiosity. I am especially careful in explaining how to sort the garbage, and the rules aimed at preserving the peace of our town.
We also adhere to the yearly donation scheme of Fondazione Manarola Cinque Terre, among whose founding members my mother and I are; we are therefore at your disposal for questions on the perspectives for our land’s maintenance and evolution.

CITRA code: 011024-LT-0126

Weather forecast
Weather Riomaggiore
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Wednesday 6 Partly cloudy 24 30 S 8 km/h
Thursday 7 Few clouds 25 30 W 10 km/h
Friday 8 Sunny 24 29 WNW 11 km/h
Saturday 9 Few clouds 23 28 W 9 km/h
Sunday 10 Sunny 23 28 SW 7 km/h
Monday 11 Sunny 23 29 S 9 km/h
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