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A didactic project on the ABC - AGRIBIOCULTURA (meaning Agricultural BioCulture) - of Lombardy's Protected Areas in view of EXPO 2015
The themes proposed by Expo, namely "Nourishing the Planet, energy for Life", regard social, anthropological, scientific, environmental and economic aspects, arousing important reflections on sustainability, on the environmental critical situations and on the possible global as well as local solutions. Such multidisciplinary perspective is consistent with what has been done over the years by the Parks' System, tackling the environmental themes and the management of the territory from the point of view of sustainability.
The protected areas, through environmentally friendly didactic itineraries lasting one or more days and involving several protected areas, can become the "laboratories" where it is possible to experience the themes proposed by Expo, giving different interpretations according to the specific field.

The project DALL'EXPO (From Expo) addresses the schools of any grade, proposing 12 specific geographical routes planned on the base of three main didactic lines consistent with the Expo's themes:

  1. l'AgriCulture: considered as the local economy of an "outer" or simply outlying territory, it developed over the centuries managing to support entire communities.
  2. I Territorial binomials: the examples of cultivations combined with a specific natural environment necessary for the survival of a key species and therefore for the conservation of biodiversity.
  3. il Human capital: through the verbal reports and the involvement of direct witnesses of the territory's changes who also hold a "traditional" material knowledge or, on the contrary, are the creators of new professions linked to the green economy.

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