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Round Table: Alps' foods are messengers of territorial and nutritional identity
(Brentonico, 25 Set 14) Saturday 27th September, at 10.00 am, Brentonico, Eccheli Baisi Palace Agenda: Greetings: G. Dossi, president of the Monte Baldo Local Nature Park Round Table: P. Giovanetti, director of L'Adige (moderator); A. Giovanazzi, President of Baldensis; M. Di Tolla Deflorian, Legambiente; Vallagarina Resta...
Protected area: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo  |  Fonte: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo
(Ala, Avio, Brentonico, Mori, Nago-Torbole, 12 Set 14) The new website of Monte Baldo Local Nature Park is online! web surfing!!...
Protected area: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo  |  Fonte: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo
(Brentonico, 12 Apr 13) In the course of 2011 the Municipality of Brentonico decided to broaden the network of the surrounding municipalities (Ala, Avio, Brentonico, Mori, Nago-Torbole) to build the Baldo's Reserves Network. Through the Decision of the Provincial Council No. 634 of 12th April 2013 the Baldo's Reserves Netw...
Protected area: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo  |  Fonte: Parco Locale del Monte Baldo
Light exercise for the elderly from 1st April
(Roma, 30 Mar 11) From April to June, from 10.30 a.m. till noon Inauguration on Friday 1st April at 10.30 a.m. in both the green areas In Pineto Urban Regional Park, entrance via Proba Petronia on Mondays and Thursdays And in Valle dell'Aniene Nature Reserve, entrance via Val d'Ala - on Wednesdays and Saturdays For...
Protected area: RomaNatura  |  Fonte: RomaNatura
Free Guided Visits April 2011
(Roma, 30 Mar 11) SUNDAY 3rd APRIL MONTE MARIO NATURE RESERVE The natural landscapes of Monte Mario Nature Reserve Naturalistic tour to discover the animals and plants of the park of Villa Mazzanti. Meeting at 10.00 a.m. in via Gomenizza 81. SUNDAY 10th APRIL DECIMA MALAFEDE NATURE RESERVE The awakening of natu...
Protected area: RomaNatura  |  Fonte: RomaNatura
View from Villa Mazzanti
Information sheet no. 54 - 23rd March 2011
(Roma, 23 Mar 11) With the arrival of spring, new activities are carried out in the Protected Areas of Rome. Sunday 27th MARCH GEOLOGY AND NATURE - Free guided visit In Marcigliana Nature Reserve, led by the Park Keepers of RomaNatura. The itinerary will start with the visit to the Museum that has been recently...
Protected area: RomaNatura  |  Fonte: RomaNatura
This year at Christmas, choose to be fair, original, and exclusive!
(16 Dic 10) Christmas with RomaNatura in Valle dell'Aniene Nature Reserve on 19th December will be the ideal ecological, sustainable, and fair occasion to make gifts, purchase for the others or for yourself gestures, products, and atmospheres that will represent a benefit for all of us. Choosing a ...
Protected area: RomaNatura  |  Fonte: RomaNatura
24th May 1909 - 24th May 2009: 100 Years of Parks in Europe
(06 Mag 09) The European Day of Parks will be celebrated on 24th May and, as every year, the initiative of the European Federation of Parks repeats itself, to remind the day when in 1909 the first European park was established in Sweden. This date has without a doubt a great symbolic value, and for this reason ...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: Redazione
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