Monumento Naturale Campo Soriano


Protected Area

Identity Card

  • Land Surface Area: 974.00 ha
  • Regions: Lazio
  • Provinces: Latina
  • Municipalities: Sonnino, Terracina
  • Establishment Measures: LR 56 27/04/1985
  • PA Official List: EUAP0705



Camposoriano Natural Monument

Camposoriano Natural Monument, the first to be established with Regional Law no. 56 of 27th April 1985, covers about 974 hectares. The protected territory lies in the mountain area of Ausoni Mountains, formed by carbonate rocks dating back to the Mesozoic Age.
Dolines, hum, sinkholes, karren, etc. are all well visible in Camposoriano karst plateau.
But more than any other karstic shape, the huge cathedral-shaped calcareous boulder, about fifteen meter high, standing in the middle of the plateau, represents the symbol of the protected area.

The territory of Camposoriano presents other characteristic features, some of which are typical of our Apennines: Mediterranean maquis formations, deciduous oak woods, garigue, meadows rich in orchids, poppies, and anemones.
The local fauna, rich and not very known, includes the Hawk, the Buzzard, the Long-eared Owl, the Kestrel, the Short-toed Eagle, but also mammals like the Badger, the Fox, the Porcupine, and the Wild Boar.
The rare and enigmatic Italian Wolf is also present. Of great importance, in the karstic pools, the abundant presence of amphibians like the newts and reptiles like the viper and western whip snake.
The local farmers cultivate precious muscatel vineyards producing very sweet and fine D.O.C. wines, where the bunches of grapes grow next to walls of calcareous rock shaped by the action of meteoric waters, features which are easy to observe when you visit the protected area.

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