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Hikes in the Cetacean Sanctuary

(27 Gen 16)

This year, in summer, the Park Authority will give visitors the opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of the Pelagos Sanctuary, an international marine protected area along the 32-km-long coast of the regional Park.

This initiative, directly promoted by the Park Authority, aims at discovering the marine mammals,  such as the dolphins (tursiopos) inhabiting the water areas off the coast of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Park, between the Côte d'Azur, Corsica, Principality of Monaco, Liguria, Tuscany and North Sardinia: a unique way to enhance the bond between the regional protected area and the sea. The hikes proposed by the Park are a real unique experience of participated management, where tourists or sea lovers will be able to give their contribution to the monitoring activities of the researchers from the  CE.TU.S. Center in Viareggio (, a nonprofit association specialized in the cetacean research within the Pelagos Sanctuary and consisting of marine biologists, naturalists and engineers. The center collects data about the presence, distribution, ecology and ethology of many cetacean species through self-financing, organizing and taking part in the research campaigns and scientific projects in collaboration with Italian and foreign institutions.

Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: PR San Rossore
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