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Launch of the initiative dedicated to passionate about trekking: every week the Park offers a series of unpublished itineraries for duration of 1, 3 and 4 hours, departing from the Cinque Terre villages. It starts with Monterosso.
(Manarola - Sede Parco , 21 Apr 18) Living The Park is the Park's initiative dedicated to the discovery of the protected area through its rich trail network. Every week a series of excursion itineraries are proposed, divided into 3 types characterized by different colors depending on the duration, starting from one of the Cinque T...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
The program will be published on the social channels of the project and partners.
(Riomaggiore, 18 Apr 18) Thursday, May 17, starting at 9, will take place in Cagliari, at the Manifattura Tabacchi, the regional event on the management and protection of the coasts. Meeting title: The European MAREGOT project "MAnagement of coastal erosion risk and actions of cross-border Governance": know, deepen and s...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Yesterday, at the headquarters of the Ente a Manarola, a meeting was held with CNA representatives and associates, in the presence of the leaders of the Marine Protected Area.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 18 Apr 18) The meeting was attended by representatives and associates of the CNA and of small and medium-sized enterprises of La Spezia, the President F.F. Vincezo Resasco, the Director Patrizio Scarpellini and the Marine Protected Technician, Claudio Valerani.The meeting provided an opportunity to clarify som...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Market investigation for the identification of companies to be invited to produce offer for the assignment of the coralligenous habitat mapping service, of the associated fish fauna and the submerged and semi-submerged caves of the Marine Protected Area.
(Manarola - Sede-, 18 Apr 18)   Cinque Terre National Park, partner of the European Project GIREPAM presented as part of the "Interreg V-A Marittimo Italy - France" co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), must carry out the study, follow up, the cartographic works and the implementation of local info...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
The Procedural Guidelines complete Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area’s Implementation and Organisation Regulation: issuance of authorisations and permits
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 16 Apr 18) By Resolution No 7 (16.03.2018) of the Park’s Board of Directors, the Procedural Guidelines completing Cinque Terre MPA’s Implementation and Organisation Regulation have been approved. The Guidelines contain detailed provisions on lawful activities (listed in the Regulation approved by M...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Anchoring started yesterday, in the framework of the InterregMed EcoSustain Project
(Mantova, 13 Apr 18) With the EcoSustain project, Mincio Park has started a satellite monitoring action of the water quality using four profiling buoys. Anchoring and installation started yesterday in strategic spots and Natura 2000 sites (Valli del Mincio and Vallazza Nature Reserves and the lakes of Mantua) to analyse...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
The Sam Simon, one of the ships of the Sea Shepherd fleet - an NGO fighting for the protection of oceans and marine animals - is back in La Spezia.
(Riomaggiore, 12 Apr 18) The Sam Simon arrived in La Spezia directly from Liberia at the end of Operation Sola Stella. During this campaign, led in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence of Liberia, the ship has been secretly patrolling for weeks the waters of the Republic of Liberia, in western Africa, in the framework...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Applications before 26 April
(La Maddalena, 12 Apr 18) A call for applications is open to rank suitable candidates to be hired as summer staff for the collection of entrance fees to the Park. Applications must be submitted no later than 26 April. For the summer 2018, too, Arcipelago La Maddalena National Park is looking for staff for reception services...
Protected area: PN Arcipelago La Maddalena  |  Fonte: PN Arcipelago La Maddalena
Call for expressions of interest by economic operators
(La Maddalena, 11 Apr 18) The Park Authority announces a call for expressions of interest addressing all tourism-related economic operators that are interested in subscribing an agreement enabling them to issue entrance permits to the National Park. Permits are subject to a fee, except for certain categories; to encourage th...
Protected area: PN Arcipelago La Maddalena  |  Fonte: PN Arcipelago La Maddalena
The Park Authority has appointed a company that is currently carrying out important interventions to mitigate risk and restore access on the Vernazza-Corniglia stretch of Sentiero Verde Azzurro (SVA).
(Manarola - Sede del Parco, 10 Apr 18) Workers are making special efforts to remove unstable rock blocks, empty the rockfall protection nets, and rebuild dry stone walls, without even pausing on holidays in order to make up for time lost because of the bad weather. Trail reopening is planned for the next weekend. The SVA stretch from Ve...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
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