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Inauguration of the Ceronda Mountain Bike Ring Route

Bicycle excursion itinerary
(Lanzo Torinese, 16 Ott 21)

Today is the inauguration of the Ceronda Mountain Bike Ring Route (ACM), a bike touring itinerary that extends for about 80 km starting from Lanzo Torinese, crossing the hills along the Stura di Lanzo and then climbing up the valleys of the Ceronda and Casternone torrents. It climbs in altitude until you reach the technical paths around the Colle del Lys and then descends to the valley for the return. This itinerary is divided into two main ring routes, a connecting stretch and two variants, and aims to promote the practice of cycle touring in the territory of the Valli di Lanzo Ceronda and Casternone.

The itinerary was created on the initiative of the GAL Valli di Lanzo Ceronda e Casternone, as part of the activities of the European project ExplorLab - Piano Territoriale Integrato (PITER) GRAIES LAB, funded by the France-Italy Alcotra 2014-2020 cross-border cooperation programme and with the contribution of the Unioni Montane Valli di Lanzo Ceronda e Casternone and Alpi Graie.

Four levels of difficulty:

  • Tourist
  • Cross Country
  • Cross Country/All Mountain
  • All Mountain/Enduro

You can find all useful information (map, in-depth description and support facilities) at this link:

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