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(01 Ott 13) A positive assessment of the project and its related actions emerged from the monthly meeting of the "Praterie" team which took place on the 26th of September. As far as the Action A3 - Analysis of the grazing regulations (as the Actions A1 ad A2 have been positively accomplished) - is con...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: PN Gran Sasso - Progetto Life Praterie
(A. Merters)-stazzo
(A. Merters)-stazzo
Impact on threatened species and tackling measures
(Assergi, 30 Set 13) Life's Antidoto Project24th and 25th October 2013Conference hall E. Fermi at the National Institute of Nuclear PhysicsFonte Cerreto - Assergi (AQ)On the 24th and 25th October the conference entitled "L'avvelenamento della fauna selvatica in Europa. Impatto sulle specie minacciate e misure di co...
Protected area: PN Gran Sasso  |  Fonte: PN Gran Sasso
Ceremony for the announcement of the new geoparks of the European and world network
(Vogogna, 09 Set 13) The ceremony for the announcement of the new geoparks of the European and world network took place on the 5th of September within the Asclepio sanctuary in the ancient town of Velia, in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, in the presence of more than 450 delegates representing 41 ...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
(Camugnano, 05 Set 13) The Protected Areas Department of the Province of Prato and the Managing Body for the Parks and Biodiversity of Eastern Emilia invite you to take part in the conference to present the results achieved with the LIFE+ "Waterskiing" project. The conference - entitled "La coesist...
Protected area: PR Laghi Suviana Brasimone  |  Fonte: Ente Parchi e Biodiversit - Emilia Orientale
Federparchi wish participants to have good workdays
(30 Ago 13) Here we are. On the 3rd of September the Egn Conference 2013, that is the World Geoparks Conference, will be held in Italy, in Ascea, in the Cilento National Park. During four days several meetings and initiatives will take place, 259 foreign delegations and 75 italian ones representing 40 Countries...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: Federparchi
From 4th to 6th of September 2013 Cilento and Vallo di Diano Geopark will host the conference which also the Adamello Brenta Geopark is going to take part in.
(Strembo, 28 Ago 13) The twelfth European Geoparks Conference will take place this year in Italy, in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano Geopark on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September. In Ascea, the ancient greek city of Elea, one of the cradles of western philosophy, which has been recently recognized as UNESCO World Heritage...
Protected area: PR Adamello Brenta  |  Fonte: PR Adamello Brenta
Giampiero Sammuri, president of Federparchi, and Jean Marie Dominici (Scandola Reserve) will be also present.
(28 Ago 13) On the occasion of Festambiente Federparchi – Europarc Italia and Legambiente commemorated Jean Luc Chiappini, President of the Corsican Regional Park who was murdered in Ajaccio on the past 25th of April. For those who work in the field of the environmental safeguard and of Europe's protecte...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: Federparchi
Chiappini con Sammuri, Gentili e Grimaldi
Chiappini con Sammuri, Gentili e Grimaldi
(Pescasseroli, 06 Ago 13) From the 13th of July until the 8th of September 2013 the "controlled limited number" has been launched in the areas of the Val di Rose, Jannanghera Valley and Mount Amaro, characterized by the presence of a particular Apennine Chamois population. From 10th August to...
Protected area: PN Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise  |  Fonte: PN Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise
On 5th August the project team and the managers of the Help Desks will explain the project's actions
(31 Lug 13) The Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park will take part in the 54th Sheep Festival, an event traditionally hosted and supported by the protected area, which will be presented in Campo Imperatore from 2nd to 5th August by the Chamber of Commerce of L'Aquila. The participation of the Park in t...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: PN Gran Sasso - Progetto Life Praterie
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