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PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

This particular "salami to spread" (also called ciauscolo and ciabuscolo) is the most characteristic charcuterie of the Marches. According to the traditional recipe, it should be prepared with meat coming from belly, entrecote, and shoulder, adding a considerable percentage of lard (about the 50% of the product, even if sometimes it is less). The ingredients are dressed with salt, pepper, garlic, fennel, and grated orange peel: they must be thinly minced in order to obtain a very fine and smooth mixture. Ciavuscolo is hung up to dry and gets slightly smoked; afterwards, it is moved to a cool and dry place. It is eaten within the 15, 20 days after its preparation, spread on slices of Tuscan bread. The product has different versions: in particular, Ascolano ciavuscolo is leaner and more compact, while Maceratese ciavuscolo is softer and fatter.

The Producers
  Fattoria Lucarini
Others - Pieve Torina (MC)
  Norcineria Alto Nera
Others - Castelsantangelo sul Nera (MC)
  Antonio Cappa
Others - Visso (MC)
  Macelleria Angelo Calabrò
Butcher's Shops - Visso (MC)
  Società Petacci
Others - Visso (MC)
  Lorella Feliziani
Others - Amandola (FM)
  Macelleria Giuseppe Marini
Butcher's Shops - Amandola (FM)
  Alfredo Costantini
Others - Montefortino (FM)
  Corona Carni
Others - Montemonaco (AP)

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