Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

Cacioni, Piegoni or Piegati

They can be both sweet and savory. They are similar to a semi-lunar big fritter.
The covering consists of a crunchy sheet of pasta dough, yellow and smooth (thanks to the brushed egg yolk), and the filling varies: it can be based on ricotta, eggs, sugar, pecorino, or enriched with cocoa (it is not a recent invention: chocolate cacioni were already produced fifty years ago).

The Producers
  Gian Fornaio
Bakeries - Amandola (FM)
  La madia
Others - Amandola (FM)
  Forno Silvi
Bakeries - Montefortino (FM)
  Forno Lele
Bakeries - Montemonaco (AP)

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