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Lower Ring-route of the Gullies

On foot         Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Duration: 1 hour/s 30 minutes

The lower ring-route of the gullies leaves near the Hotel-Restaurant Villa Carla. Take the trail leading to loc. Rossi and the MTB route "Manlio Franza" and, after 100 meters of asphalt road, continue along the dirt road you will keep following until you see the rural landscape of Case di Montebergone, characterized by the plateau of cultivated fields on one side and by the slopes covered with walnut trees on the other side. You will reach then the picnic point surrounded by brooms and downy oaks. From here, the trail becomes steep and gives hikers the opportunity to walk on the real "tufa of the gullies". The uphill stretch is very short and, when you reach the top, the landscape you can enjoy while you walk along the ridge will reward you for the little effort (geographically speaking, we are between localities VALGIBERTA and BRIC di MONTEBERGONE), since the fan of the gullies you can only slightly perceive along the uphill stretch becomes from here onwards vibrating if you look right while, if you look left, it stands out sharply.
Shortly after, you will find yourself in front of a crossroads (with a trail going straight ahead on the right, or turning left). In this case, take the trail on the left, developing among downy oaks and small box-tree plants and reaching, in a very short time, the beautiful house of Valgiberta where the road starts going downhill and is covered with coarse gravel for a few hundred meters, after which you should abandon it and take, at a narrow junction, another road on the right surrounded by a thick and high vegetation.
Follow this shady trail until you reach a small fenced-in house, and then follow it running along the fence and the cultivated fields (sometimes you might lose the track, since the hay is high). Then, after leaving the fence, keep at the foot of the slope with the gullies until you will pass to the other slope always maintaining yourself at the foot of the slope, g down along a dirt road turning left and leading to the houses of Ferrieto.
Once you reach the country hamlet, cross it by turning right to take the uphill road, which becomes an asphalt road for a very short stretch, and then again a dirt road for the rest of the itinerary. This road, leaving the imposing pastures on its right, gradually enters the wood and meets, after a long stretch, a dirt road with a gravelly bed you will have to follow for a very short stretch (50m) until you take another road on the right, on the opposite side, entering again the woodland.

From here onwards always keep the main trail, and always keep right, at first walking along the slope and then going around it with a quick downhill trail leading to the crossroads between loc. Valgiberta and Bric di Montebergone (already met during the outward journey). Now you have two possibilities, that is:
going down back to Pontrevecchio following the outward trail backwards, therefore touching again the picnic point and the houses of Montebergone;
or continue along the trail on the left, developing along the ancient carriage road cut into the mountainside (along the way, the traces of the wheels on the sandstone are still visible). From here you will enjoy a beautiful landscape of the gullies (continuously evolving, and finding here its greatest evolution and geological expression), as soon as you leave the short uphill carriage road and as you take, downhill, a very narrow track on the right left by the ungulates and concealed among downy oaks and then ash trees, juniper, and the shrubs of thyme and brooms. The enchanted beauty of the places and the continuous metamorphoses of the gullies will make you lose the trail for a short stretch: anyway, you must follow the ridge. As a matter of fact, shortly after, you will find the trail again and follow it until it meets the dirt downhill road, leading on the right to the houses of loc. Chiazze, and then to SS.PP.30. From here, turn right carefully walking along the shoulder, and you will reach loc. del Pontevecchio.

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