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One of the Most Beautiful Corners of the Mediterranean...

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The aim of Porto Conte Park is to ensure a unitary management of the ecosystem complex of international interest situated in the north of the town of Alghero, which has been defined by the great naturalist Jaques Costeau "one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean". The Park area, 5,350 ha and 60 km of coasts, a territory going from Calich to Baraz Lake, is a showcase of unique landscapes in Europe. The territories it encloses are enough to legitimate the protection measures. At the moment, the Park borders do not go beyond the borders of the Municipality of Alghero.

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Axis II - Implementing a transversal strategy of sustainable management and development of the territory - environment, tourism, and sustainable development
Measure 2.1. Environment safeguard and enhancement
Action 2.1.a. - "Enhancing the Park areas and areas belonging to other protected areas, with particular reference to Bocche di Bonifacio International Marine Park, La Maddalena Archipelago, and the Tuscan Archipelago"