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Surface Area: 513,00 ha
Provinces: MI
Establishment: 2007
  • Magnago wood (photo by PLIS Roggie)
  • Poppies (photo by PLIS Roggie)
  • The wood in winter (photo by PLIS Roggie)

The new green lung of the upper area near Milano

The Parco delle Roggìe extends over the northwestern side of the province of Milano, and it is connected to the territory included in the Parco Regionale Lombardo della Valle del Ticino. The PLIS delle Roggìe is situated in the dry upper western plain, north of the Villoresi canal and west of the Olona river, near the Parco Regionale della Valle del Ticino. The name "Parco delle Roggìe" originates from the name quoted in the ancient cadastral map of some woods belonging to Magnago's territory: there is no connection with the typical waterways called "rogge", which are totally absent in the Park while they can be found south of the Villoresi canal. Most of the Park's area is covered with forests, especially mixed copses with predominance of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), wild black cherry (Prunus serotina), spontaneous english oak and some Elms. The understory mainly consists of shrubs with a high presence of Rubus, but also specimens of common hawthorn, common dogwood, common hazel, blackthorn and elderberry can be detected. The territorial changes carried out in this field made the woody areas represent exceptional elements: the agricultural areas play in fact an important ecological role between the Ticino Valley and the Olona Valley.  

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