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Walking in Monferrato

The Monferrato offers charming walks, beautiful landscapes, a luxuriant vegetation with wonderful and often unexpected surprises. In each season, even winter, you can discover some charming aspects.
Camminare il Monferrato
is an initiative suggesting visitors alternative itineraries with didactic information. These itineraries not only represent an opportunity to observe closely beautiful sites in the Park, but they also aim at protecting these old itineraries which time and neglect are canceling. The itineraries are very easy and suitable for whole families and schools. It is also possible to ride a mountain-bike along them. They allow tourists to discover uncontaminated areas, history, nature, and evidences of old traditions and legends. A puddle to collect water explains us that a vineyard was situated here in the past, maybe where now visitors can see perfumed brooms. In the thick of the wood once there was a house. Old apple-trees and some well ruins tell us about it. Visitors are going to find here this and much more by looking and listening to the sounds in the wood. Maybe the owl or the tawny owl which, unseen, are observing them with curiosity from a tree.

Picnic area
Picnic area

40 Itineraries

Itineraries among nature, art, and culture. Local and biological products, laps, sale points, maps and description of the trails (Italian text)

Description and accessibility (PDF file, Italian text) By Bike
On Horseback
The Abandoned Villages
Piancerreto - Costamezzana - Piancerreto
The Citadel, the Plain and its Channels
Cittadella di Casale - Cascina Giovannella - Cittadella di Casale

Cella Monte Ring-route
Cella Monte - Valle Carnara - Valle Canneto - Cella Monte
Vignale among Valleys and Farmsteads
Palazzo Callori - San Lorenzo - Palazzo Callori
Ottiglio, Frati Valley
Ottiglio - Moleto - Ottiglio
Sala, among Saints and Vineyards
Sala - San Grato - San Cristoforo - Sala
Towards Bric di San Michele
Guazzolo - Palmaro - Cosso - Guazzolo
Along the Roads of the Resistance
Moncestino - Fravagnano - Moncestino

Across the Meadows and the Vineyards of Terra d'Aleramo
Piazza Cotti - Cascina Orti - Piazza Cotti
Up to Co'd'la fin
Cantavenna di Gabiano - Micengo - Ghioalengo - Cantavenna di Gabiano

Around Bric Castelvelli
Crea - Serralunga - Ponzano - Crea
The Hill of Rivazza
Castellazzo - Salabue - Castellazzo
Along the Old Ways of Communication
Ponzano - Casalino - Ponzano
At the Foot of Bric Cornaletto
Casalino - Montaldo - Bertola - Agabio - Casalino

The Abandoned Villages
Piancerreto - Costamezzana - Piancerreto

Passing Bric Monginetto

The Scattered Farmsteads and the Church in the Woodland
Odalengo Piccolo - Santo Spirito Church - Odalengo Piccolo

Bric Ambria and its Springs
Odalengo Piccolo - Colle del telegrafo - Odalengo Piccolo

The Cultivated Fields
Camino - Fabiano - Rocchetta - Camino
Along the Road of Miroglio
Varengo - Villamiroglio - Moncestino - Varengo
Strolling around Mt. Favato
Montalero di Cerrina - Odalengo Grande - Montalero di Cerrina
Mt. Lungo
Murisengo - Villadeati - Murisengo
On the Summits of Mombello
Mombello - Morsingo - Zenevreto - Mombello
Along the Stream Stura
Pontestura - Piccaluga - Quarti - Pontestura
The Rocky Hills of Alfiano Natta
Alfiano - S.Spirito Church - Cardona - Alfiano
The Great Walk
Camagna - Valle Grana - Camagna
In Casale, along the Old Ways of the Quarrymen
Rio Rizza - Vialarda - Rio Rizza

River and Hills
Coniolo Bricco - Coniolo Basso - Coniolo Bricco
The Malvasia Trail
Casorzo - Cascina Nuova - Casorzo
The Hills of the Truffle
Moncalvo - La Pieve - Cascina S.Anna - Moncalvo

Conzano Undulating Hills
Villa Vidua - Cascina Rosetta - Villa Vidua
Views and Factory Chimneys at the Borders of Ozzano
Lavello - Sinaccio - Rollini - Lavello

From the Woodlands of Mt. Croce to the Meadows of Mt. Rizzolo
Villamiroglio - Valle Giolitti - Villamiroglio

Fields and Meadows around Terruggia
Villa Poggio - Cascina Boscogrosso - Villa Poggio

Tramways, ancient walls, and old mills
Cittadella - Castello - Strada Rivalta - Cittadella
Lourdes and Sant'Anna Cave
Casale - Lourdes Cave - San Giorgio - Casale

The Silent Spaces of Cereseto
Cereseto - Fonte sulfurea di Treville - Cereseto
Treville: The Balcony of the Alps
Treville - San Quirico - Treville
Cella Monte Ring-route
Cella Monte - Valle Carnara - Valle Canneto - Cella Monte
Pictorial Landscapes
Uviglie - Colma - Cascina S. Grato - Uviglie

Views over "Ali di Olivola"
Piazza Europa - La Curella - Piazza Europa
The Countryside around Frassinello
S.Maria delle Grazie - Cascine Serra - S.Maria delle Grazie
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