Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park is situated in loc. Pian dei Prati on the eastern border of the Turkey oak woodland of the Sassi. Along the road leading from Carpegna to San Sisto, you will find on your right you a secondary road. If you go along it for about 500 meters, you will get to the wildlife park. The park covers an area of 5.5 hectares and is characterized by the presence of meadows, hawthorn bushes, brooms, blackthorns, hedges and some thickets near torrent Seminico. The itinerary developing in the Wildlife Park consists of three main laps: first of all, you will learn about domestic animals such as goats, sheep and mules, that is animals that once were used by the peasant families for the daily support and to obtain milk, meat, and workforce. In the second lap, visitors are allowed to directly observe the wild animals that freely live in the Park area. Roe deer can eat in the clearings and in the undergrowth, while frogs, toads, and tritons find their habitat in the ponds along the trails. The route ends by getting to an observation point which is situated outside the Wildlife Park. If you are lucky and you respect the peacefulness of the place, you will see wild boars looking for bulbs, tubers, and acorns or having a healthy bath in the mud. Inside the park there are some observation points with benches, litterbins and many nests for sparrows which can find a lot of berries in the bushes of the area.
The Wildlife Park in Pian dei Prati opened in the summer 2000 and represents an ideal destination for schools and families, since it offers an itinerary on foot and without difficulties.

For further information, please contact Ente Parco del Sasso Simone e Simoncello by calling the number +39 0722 770073 or the Visitor Center of Ponte Cappuccini by calling the number +39 0722 75350.

Province: Pesaro and Urbino Region: the Marches
Wildlife Park
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