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The Castle of Pizzo

Pizzo: built in the second half of the 15th century by Ferdinand I of Aragon the castle of Pizzo has two large cylindrical angular towers. The bigger tower, also called "Torre mastra", is of Anjou origin (about 1380).
Joachim Murat, king of Naples and brother-in-law of Napoleon, during a last attempt to reconquer the kingdom of Naples, got off at the Pizzo shore on Sunday 8th October 1815, trying to rouse the people against Ferdinand IV of the Kingdom of Naples. But the attempt did not work. Joachim and his small platoon were defeated and shut up in the castle, where 5 days later, after a hasty trial, the king was sentenced to death penalty by the Military Committee established according to the law by the Bourbon Government. The castle houses a museum open all year round.

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Municipality: Pizzo (VV)  Region: Calabria

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