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San Nicomede Trail

Stirone Area

On foot         Great Interest: Wildlife Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Religion Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Duration: 1 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: simple flat route
  • Length: 2 km

A walk back to the past
The first lap of this trail is the wonderful San Nicomede church, built in the 9th century to welcome the relics of the Saint. Already known since the 7th century, this place was the destination of an important pilgrimage linked to the therapeutic virtues ascribed to the water of the spring Fonte Broccola (meaning "overflowing"), used to treat headaches. According to the legend, the pilgrims used to come from all over Europe with a stone on their head and were healed by a sip of water from the spring. In the year 880, the church was built with the stones the pilgrims had brought over the centuries near the spring.
The trail continues across the wood formed by black poplars, downy oaks, dogwoods, and elders with panoramic points where you can enjoy the view over the canyon slopes dug by the stream. You will shortly reach the area of greatest geo-paleontological interest for the presence of fossiliferous outcrops, from locality "Le Cascatelle" upstream (the place name derives from the presence of waterfalls until the 1980s; they have subsequently disappeared because of the stream erosion for the gravel extraction and the subsequent formation of the canyon) to the "bend of the ocean quahog" downstream (the place has been named after the presence of this bivalve mollusk which usually lives in cold climates and still lives in the North Sea).
The site is important because it witnesses the Plio-Pleistocene limit, that is the passage from the Tertiary to the Quaternary Age (dating back to 1.8 million years ago), characterized by a marked climatic deterioration leading to the disappearance of tropical-like wildlife associations (that can be found upstream Cascatelle) and the colonization by the "cold guests" (downstream).


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Descriptive panels Cascatelle
Descriptive panels Cascatelle
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