Parco della Val Sanagra

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Surface Area: 758,00 ha
Provinces: CO
Establishment: 2005
  • Sanagra Valley (photo by PLIS Val Sanagra)
  • Sanagra Valley (photo by PLIS Val Sanagra)
  • Sanagra Valley (photo by PLIS Val Sanagra)

A jewel of a nature between Lario and Ceresio

The Parco della Val Sanagra is situated within the wonderful valley in the heart of the Lepontine Alps. The valley was named after the homonymous stream Sanagra, best known as Senagra, which pours from the mountainside up to the mouth of the river Menaggio (200 m). On a wider geographical scale the Park is located between the Lake Como and the Lake Lugano and it is visible from the stretch of road connecting Menaggio to Grandola and Uniti (400 m), in the saddle called "Sella di Grandola" or Val Menaggio. The most important feature of the Val Sanagra is the wild environment made of endemisms of the region Insubria, woods, grasslands and mountain pastures: a significant example is the silver fir forest covering the whole stream's catch basin. These habitats protect a faunal heritage of undoubted value: in fact the park hosts more than a hundred stable animals thanks to the presence of an oasis for the protection of animals. It is significant the presence of the Rogolone, one of the most majestic Sessile Oaks in Europe.

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