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The routes of the network

Don't hurry, the good walker arrives… (suggestion of the Egyptian pharaohs).
There are many ways to discover the Ledrensi Alps, but we believe the best one is to discover the territory without hurry. On foot, by bike, in a few hours or in more days. Through the thick network of roads and paths go into the territory, from the mediterranean shores of the Garda Lake to the ancient forests of the Concei Valley, from the beautiful meadows in Tremalzo to the precious endemic species of the Pichea ridge. Just choose your way.

For general information on the itineraries on foot, by bike and nordic walking in the Ledro Valley: Itineraries by MTB and cycle paths
Trekking and walks

From Tremalzo
From Tremalzo

On foot

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks (John Muir).
There are many paths crossing the territory and unlimited possible ways to combine them. How can you choose your favorite route? Just let Nature talk to you. Every zone of the Reserves Network has its peculiarities and unique features. You only need to know what you are looking for to find the right path.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Map with georeferenced itineraryCasèt in shortCasèt in short
Short and easy trail in the wood
On foot On foot
T - Tourist (level)
2 h
Great interest: Wildlife Great interest: Panorama 
Map with georeferenced itineraryThe two alpine pasturesThe two alpine pastures
Short, mild and easy trail in a fairy-tale landscape leading to the discovery of the daily life on the Alpo di Storo and Bondone
On foot On foot
T - Tourist (level)
1 h 30 m
Great interest: Panorama 
Map with georeferenced itineraryWild TremalzoWild Tremalzo
A beautiful panoramic ring-route through forests and ancient pastures
On foot On foot
E - Hiking (level)
5 h
Great interest: Panorama 

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Map with georeferenced itineraryALPIEDI: Ledro Alps TrekALPIEDI: Ledro Alps Trek
Five days on the rocks surrounding the splendid Ledro valley
Departure: Storo
On foot On foot
Map with georeferenced itinerary  1 Lap: Storo - Tremalzo 
Map with georeferenced itinerary  2 Lap: Tremalzo - Arcioni Bivouac 
Map with georeferenced itinerary  3 Lap: Arcioni Bivouac - Pernici Refuge 
Map with georeferenced itinerary  4 Lap: Pernici Refuge - Campel Bivouac 
Map with georeferenced itinerary  5 Lap: Campel Bivouac - Storo 

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