Riserva Naturale dell'Insugherata

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Surface Area: 740,00 ha
Provinces: RM
Establishment: 1997
  • Snow-clad Insugherata (photo by Duccio Pedercini)
  • Butterfly (photo by RomaNatura)

A Naturalistic Corridor in the North of Rome

This area represents an important naturalistic corridor between the built-up edge of the town and the large Veio - Cesano system. It is situated in the area of the ditch Acqua Traversa and is delimited by Via Trionfale and Via Cassia. Along the border lines there are many archaeological remains (Roman villas and tombs). The ancient "Casale dell'Insugherata" has also survived. Vegetation is very articulated: on the warmest slopes there are Cork oaks, Ilex trees, and Downy oaks; on the cooler ones the vegetation is entirely different, with well-preserved mixed woods, developing in a high-trunk tree forest (Hornbeam, Manna Ash, and Maple). There are also chestnut tree and hazelnut tree woods. Along the watercourses there are willows and poplars, together with ferns. The area is rich in fauna: among the mammals there are hedgehogs, moles, porcupines, and dormice; among the nesting bird species there are the Kestrel, the Pheasant, the Turtle Dove, and the Cuckoo. As far as reptiles are concerned, there are blindworms, grass snakes and turtles, while among the local amphibians we can mention the smooth newt and the green toad.

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