Area Marina Protetta Tavolara
Punta Coda Cavallo

Secca di Punta Arresto

Zone B - Diving Spot with buoy where private diving activities are allowed

  • Trail Conditions: Diving
  • Interest: Marine Wildlife, Photography

    The site
    One hundred of meters off the coast of Punta Arresto di Molara, two very articulated main reliefs rise with a characteristic development with peaks and gullies.
    The summit of the relief nearest to the mainland lies at 3m from the surface, while the second lies at 12m. The first relief is connected with the mainland through a series of landslides and minor reliefs, the second one is separated by a detrital plain.
    The shoal is served by 2 buoys.

    Main features
    The granite rocks are covered with a thin stratum of photophilic seaweeds interrupting in the areas with a north exposure or in the ravines where the orange color of the encrusting sponges dominate. At the foot of the reliefs there are thin coralligenous concretions. All around, the bottom is colonized by a large grassland of Posidonia interrupted sometimes by rock outcrops: the Posidonia grows also in the detrital areas among the rocks. Along the several routes, it is possible to meet a great variety of rather confident fish. It is possible to get close to gilt-headed breams, white seabreams, and groupers. On the slopes of the main relief there are often some specimens of Mottled groupers (Mycteroperca rubra), while on the second relief it is common to sight dentexes and barracudas.

    Punta Arresto - Blue Itinerary
    Punta Arresto - Blue Itinerary
    A big gilt-headed bream
    A big gilt-headed bream
    A shoal of salema porgies grazing on the main relief
    A shoal of salema porgies grazing on the main relief
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