Area Marina Protetta delle Secche di Tor Paterno

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Sea Surface: 1.387,00 ha
Provinces: RM
Establishment: 2000
  • Red gorgonians (photo by RomaNatura)
  • Hermit crab (photo by RomaNatura)
  • European fan worm (photo by RomaNatura)

A Diving Paradise a few Steps from Rome

Secche di Tor Paterno consist of a rocky formation covered by animal and vegetal organisms which, digging or building their "dens" over the centuries, have changed the shape of the area. They are a real island at the bottom of the sea, a wide "desert" made of sand and mud. The maximum depth reaches the 60 meters, while the top of the "mountain" reaches the 18 meters below the sea level. Nothing emerges from the water, nor you can see anything from the surface.

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