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Cross-country Skiing, Ski Tourism, and Tours with Snow Rackets

At 7 km from the administrative center, in loc. Coumarial, on the left bank of the stream Lys, there is a recreational area provided with refreshment point, rental service, mountain tour guides, and ski school.
Here the cross-country skiing track and ski tourism track leave. At the moment, besides a 4-km ring-route, the track develops for 6 km along trails crossing various estates.
You will have the opportunity not only to practice a sports discipline, but also to appreciate the incredible landscape features of the area. A further development of the tracks is scheduled, for a total of 20 km.

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Lithological Route 'Le Pietre del Lys'

In Niana country hamlet, along the Lys upstream the bridge, nine huge rocks transported and rounded off by the strength of the water, have been collected and put on display.

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Recreational Areas

In the Municipality of Fontainemore, there are some recreational areas equipped for picnics. They are accessible by car and provided with car parks.

  • Capoluogo Area
    If you follow Valle del Lys, you will find it at the beginning of the town, on the left, near the stream Lys.

  • Pian dou Coumarial Recreational Area
    Situated at 1,450m, on the left bank, you can reach it by following the above-mentioned itinerary and going ahead until you reach the end of the asphalt road.

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Guided Visits in the Reserve

For guided visits in the Reserve, please contact the tour guides members of the regional register.

For information:

  • Associazione La Genziana
    Reg. Quassù, 25 - 11029 Verres (AO)
    Tel. +39 0125 929984

  • Cooperativa La Traccia
    Via F. Chabod, 142 - 11100 Aosta
    Tel. +39 0165 239521 - E-mail:

  • Cooperativa Habitat
    Via E. Aubert, 48 - Aosta
    Tel. +39 0165 363851 - E-mail:

  • Associazione Escursionistica Pedibus
    Via della Pace, 46 - 11100 Aosta
    Tel. +39 0165 40407 - E-mail:

  • Cooperativa Rhiannon
    Fraz. La Grenade, 19 - 11010 Sarre (AO)
    Tel. +39 0165 212876 - E-mail:

  • Associazione Guide della Natura di Cogne
    Piazza E. Chanoux, 40 - 11012 Cogne (AO)
    Tel. +39 0165 74282

  • Groupe Guides de la nature Valdigne Mont Blanc
    Tel. +39 0165 32740 - E-mail:

  • Associazione Guide della Natura del Gran San Bernardo
    C/o Town Hall - 11010 Saint-Oyen (AO)
    Tel. +39 0166 43404

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