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The Ecolabel for tourism was born on 14 April 2003, when the European Commission extended the possibility to apply the Community ecological quality label to tourist accommodation services (Decision 2003/287/CE).
The tourist structures that have been awarded the European Ecolabel distinguish themselves for their commitment to the safeguard of the environment and, as a consequence, of human health.
The presence of the Ecolabel gives tourists guarantees about:

  • The control of air, water, and soil pollution, above all thanks to the use of environmentally-friendly products
  • The correct waste management and separate collection
  • The reduction of energy and resource waste
  • The safeguard of biodiversity in the areas under the direct control of the accommodation structure
  • A healthy diet, partly based on regional organic products.

Besides guaranteeing well-being and eco-quality to tourists, the Ecolabel gives a series of benefits to the accommodation structure applying it.

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The Ecolabel
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EcoRules  Name of the StructureCategoryLocalitySpecial Offers
Carta Qualità - Campanula d'oroThe Ecolabel   Accommodation structure Casa al Frassen Casa al Frassen
Cesiomaggiore (BL)
(PN Dolomiti Bellunesi)
Fattorie del PandaThe Ecolabel   Accommodation structure Bio-agriturismo Parco Rurale Alture di Polazzo Bio-agriturismo Parco Rurale Alture di Polazzo
Holiday Farms
Fogliano Redipuglia (GO)
(RR Laghi di Doberdo' e Pietrarossa)
Marchio Qualità ParcoThe Ecolabel   Accommodation structure Tevini Tevini ****
Commezzadura (TN)
(PR Adamello Brenta)
The Ecolabel   Accommodation structure Albergo Auralba Albergo Auralba ***
San Vito Lo Capo (TP)
(RR Zingaro)
The Ecolabel     Il Mulino di Mattie
Mattie (TO)
(PR Orsiera Rocciavrè)
The Ecolabel     Rifugio Daniele Arlaud
Mountain huts/bivouacs
Salbertrand (TO)
(PR Gran Bosco Salbertrand)
The Ecolabel     Conte Rosso
Holiday houses
Avigliana (TO)
(PR Laghi Avigliana)
The Ecolabel     Hotel Caprice ***
Avigliana (TO)
(PR Laghi Avigliana)
The Ecolabel     Rifugio Alpino Toesca
Mountain huts/bivouacs
Bussoleno (TO)
(PR Orsiera Rocciavrè)
The Ecolabel     Relais Bella Rosina ****
Fiano (TO)
(PR La Mandria)
Marchio Ecoturismo in MarittimeThe Ecolabel     Rifugio Federici Marchesini al Pagari'
Mountain huts/bivouacs
Entracque (CN)
(PR Alpi Marittime)
The Ecolabel      Rifugio Pian Delle Gorre
Mountain huts/bivouacs
Chiusa di Pesio (CN)
(Parchi e Riserve Naturali Cuneesi, PR Marguareis)
Marchio Qualità ParcoThe EcolabelEuropean Charter for Sustainable Tourism     Alp Hotel Taller Wellness & Sport ****
Dimaro (TN)
(PR Adamello Brenta)
The Ecolabel     Ancora ****
Predazzo (TN)
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
The Ecolabel     Isola Bella ****
Fiera di Primiero (TN)
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
The Ecolabel     Bio Hotel Alpino ***
San Martino di Castrozza (TN)
(PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino)
The Ecolabel     Marecchia ***
Ponte Messa (RN)
(PR Sasso Simone Simoncello)
EcoRules - Esercizio consigliatoThe Ecolabel     Danila ***
Portoferraio (LI)
(PN Arcipelago Toscano)
Esercizi Consigliati del Parco della MaremmaThe Ecolabel     Il Duchesco ****
Holiday Farms
Alberese (GR)
(PR Maremma)
Marchio di Qualita' AmbientaleThe Ecolabel     Bergi ***
Holiday Farms
Castelbuono (PA)
(PR Madonie)

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