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Giugno 2019: IV Cerrano Cup di vela in AMP
(AMP Torre Cerrano)
Una corsa da Re 2016
(PR La Mandria)
Attacchi di Tradizione 2016 International Contest
(PR La Mandria)
Moonlight walk 2017
(PR La Mandria)
The Parco of La Mandria from on high
(PR La Mandria)
Run Walking at the Park of La Mandria
(PR La Mandria)
(PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)
Run, explore and taste Cinque Terre…with Connie Cardner
(PN Cinque Terre)
Narrows of Giaredo
(PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)
Snowshoeing in Antola Park - February 17, 2013
(PR Antola)
Parco Canyoning Claut (PN) - Friuli - Italy
(PR Dolomiti Friulane)
Emotions, hikes and sport for all in the first Italian Park
(PN Gran Paradiso)
Official video of the Italian Hang-Gliding Open Championship 2012 - Gemona/Zoncolan
(VR Colline Carniche)
Apnea Villasimius
(AMP Capo Carbonara)
Marathon of Nera River Park 2007
(PR Nera)
Monte Cucco Park - Free flight - Paragliding - Hang gliding
(PR Monte Cucco)
The Bowels of the Earth... journey to discover Mt. Cucco Cave
(PR Monte Cucco)
Rowing races 27th June
(PR Lago Candia)
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