Biosphere reserve Entlebuch
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IUCN Cat.: V
Surface Area: 39.400,00 ha
Establishment: 2007
  • Glaubenberg moor landscape (photo by Parco Entlebuch)
  • Schrattenfluh (photo by Parco Entlebuch)
  • Reservoir in Marbach (photo by Parco Entlebuch)

The wild west of Lucerne

Welcome to Entlebuch, UNESCO biosphere reserve and one Switzerland's most peculiar regions. Entlebuch, halfway between Bern and Lucerne, is the first biosphere reserve to be created in Switzerland according to the Seville criteria.

Entlebuch is part of UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" programme: regions belonging to this network have the purpose of elaborating best practices for environmental protection and sustainable development, with the participation of their inhabitants.

Within the group of Biosphere reserves, Entlebuch represents the pre-alpine moor and karst landscape. On a surface of 400 skm there are Switzerland's largest and most numerous moors, and a flora and fauna of (inter)national significance.

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