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Surface Area: 6.300,00 ha
Establishment: 1991
  • Heathland (photo by PN Podyji)
  • Panorama (photo by PN Podyji)

Podyji National Park is representative of a well-preserved forest valley in otherwise forest-free landscape in Southwest Moravia. A section of the river Dyje marks the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. Nationalpark Thayatal forms a protected area on the Austrian side of the valley and together with NP Podyjí forms a bilateral protected area. Podyjí National Park is characterized by extraordinary scenery, being home to features such as rocky amphitheatres, cliffs, meanders, detritus fields, impervious ravines, several types of heatland adorned with multi-coloured layers of thermophilic plants, or alluvial plains around the river Dyje. The division of the valley along the river Dyje creates two distinctive ecological regions and thus contributes to the high biological diversity of the park.

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