Polesie national park
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Surface Area: 9.764,00 ha
Establishment: 1990
  • Marsh (photo by PN Polesie)

The nature of the Polesie National Park is unusually rich, although the Park only covers about 10,000 ha and mainly consists of water and peat bog areas. A huge number of plant and animal species live in this area, including some which are present only in this region of Poland.

Unfortunately, the park area is merely a small fragment of what it used to be before the drainage operations carried out in the 60s for the State Agricultural Farms. The Polesie National Park represents the nature of the Łęczna-Włodawa Plain and, although the effects of the lowering of the water level could not be completely avoided, the Park preserved natural fragments of low, transitory and high peat bogs, with their characteristic species diversity. Thanks to the conservation work conducted for years, water is slowly being retained in wetland habitats, leading to at least partial restoration of the original habitats. Every year, after winter, wonderful swamps are formed, attracting migrating water and marsh birds, while permanent swamps provide feeding and nesting grounds for breeding species. Despite its relatively small area, the Park is a paradise for amateur ornithologists who come to watch birds in their natural habitats.

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