Sarek National Park

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Surface Area: 193.100,00 ha
Sea Surface: 3.900,00 ha

Sarek is a part of the Laponian World Heritage Area. It has Sweden's most dramatic alpine nature: virgin forest with centuries-old pine and spruce, birch-forested valleys, delta land, mountain moors and alpine massifs with glaciers and 2,000-metre summits. Sarek has 200 mountain summits higher than 1,800 metres and almost 100 glaciers. The park is known for its wildlife. Here, bear, lynx and wolverine live side by side with reindeer and moose that are the biggest in Sweden. The Sámi have for thousands of years had the mountains as their hunting grounds for wild reindeer and as foraging land for their semi-domesticated reindeer herds.

Tourist information: Municipalities of Gällivare and Jokkmokk (Norrbotten County)

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