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IUCN Cat.: V
Surface Area: 20.600,00 ha
Establishment: 1981
  • Grapes (photo by PR Kozjanski)

A landscape of many faces

At the junction of the Alps and the Pannonian plain, nature and people have created a unique mosaic of flowering meadows, tall-tree orchards, vineyards, homesteads and paths leading to them.  In this micro-region, a cultural landscape strewn with castles, monasteries and churches is intertwined with steep wooded slopes, hidden brooks and picturesque gorges. 

Kozjanski Park is the largest regional park in Slovenia. The boundaries of Kozjansko region are not precisely defined. The area south of the Voglajna river, west of the Sotla river, east of the Savinja river and north of the eastern part of the Posavje hills is known as Kozjansko region. The area is marked by the transition from sub-Alpine forest covered hills to the Sotla’s plain.

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