Sečovlje Salina landscape park
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Salt collection (photo by Parco paesaggistico Saline di Sicciole)
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View of the saltpans (photo by Parco paesaggistico Saline di Sicciole)

At Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, past and present still walk hand in hand. The ancient method of salt-making, which ages ago the Piran salt-workers learned from their teachers, the salters from Pag Island, is still something special, even in the entire Mediterranean. The traditional handmade salt harvesting in salt fields is a special feature of the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean Slovenia, and it also provides the conditions enabling the conservation of the most significant natural heritage of the Sečovlje Salina. According to the available written records, the Sečovlje salt-pans are more than 700 years old, and even much older according to some other sources.

The great variety of habitats on the saltwork is largely due to the water regime practised in separate salt basins.  Thus we can find here numerous halophyte meadows, reeds, halophyte islets in the basins, overgrown or bare levees and mudflats. Apart from the exceptional diversity of their habitats, plants and animals, the Sečovlje salt-pans are also an example of exceptional and endangered Mediterranean landscape, as well as a valuable and protected cultural heritage based on the centuries-old culture of salt-pan life.

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IUCN Cat.: V
Surface Area: 700.00 ha
Establishment: 1990
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