Zona Speciale di Conservazione Laghi e abisso di Lamar

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Lamar lake and cave (photo by Rete di Riserve Bondone)

The Lamar Lake and Cave Protected Area is located on the eastern slope of Mount Paganella, an area of limestone bedrock with deep karst caves. It has no significant inflows or outflows, only small streams and, presumably, underground springs. It is an extremely transparent body of water; woods and manifold rocks surround its green water, and there is a wide beach on the western side. Water plants are particularly interesting; moreover, the vegetation belt around Lago Santo includes rare plants for this province. On the slopes that rise from the lake shores, woods grow, which can be classified as orno-ostrietum, beech and Ostrya wood, and mesophile beech-silver fir-yew woods. This is a significant nesting, rest, and wintering ground for protected or declining bird species, to be found only in certain areas on the Alps. Invertebrates included in Annex II testify to the water’s good natural quality. The vertical cave of Lamar is an important site for Chiroptera.

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Cod. RN2000: IT3120087
Surface Area: 25.00 ha
Provinces: TN
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