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Panorama (photo by RM Secche della Meloria)
nome fotografia2
Panorama, aerial photo (photo by RM Secche della Meloria)
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Lighthouse, aerial photo (photo by RM Secche della Meloria)

At 3 miles far from the coast near Livorno, you could see on the horizon the Lighthouse and Meloria Tower, bulwarks of one of the most peculiar Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea.
The Secche della Meloria Marine Protected Area covers more than 900 hectares, delimiting an area of exceptional historical, archaeological and natural interest. Its high biodiversity, thanks to its variety of habitats, makes it an important ecological conservation site, and also an exceptional destination for snorkelers and divers. The Tower and the Lighthouse of Secchie della Meloria could really be considered as Marine (or maritime) Monuments, since they represented a natural fortress against the enemies, and many shipwrecks occurred there. This Marine Protected Area is thus a site of significant historical importance and a "paradise" of underwater archaeology.

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