nome fotografia1
Torre del Cerrano (photo by RM Torre del Cerrano)
nome fotografia2
The tower (photo by RM Torre del Cerrano)
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Trivia multilirata shell (photo by RM Torre del Cerrano)

Our Nature, our Future

The protected area consists of a stretch of sea along the Adriatic coast, in front of Teramo. It extends for about three miles towards the open sea and for a dozen of kilometers along the corresponding coastal sandy dune, where extremely interesting geological formations, naturalistic features, and historical-archaeological evidences have been found.
In particular, the coastal terrestrial area mainly covered with dunes not only preserves interesting wildlife and vegetation features like the Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) or the Sand Crocus (Romulea rollii), but is also characterized by the presence of three coastal dune habitats: dunes with Euphorbia terracina, temporary Mediterranean ponds, moving dunes with Ammophila arenaria.

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