• Foundry 2 water tower municipality of Follonica (Parco delle Colline Metallifere) (photo by Parco delle Colline Metallifere)

11 UNESCO Geoparks

European Geoparks NetworkEuropean Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected AreasColline Metallifere118.700 ha
 Adamello Brenta62.050 ha
Unesco World Geoparks NetworkAlpi Apuanen.d.
 Aspromonte64.545 ha
 Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburnin.d.
European Geoparks NetworkRocca di Cereren.d.
 Sesia Val Granden.d.

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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