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Amaretti Biscuits
Amaretti biscuits are produced in many towns of Piedmont. The most famous Amaretti are those produced in Mombaruzzo (Asti), Castellamonte (Turin), Valenza, Acqui, Gavi, and Ovada (Alessandria).
Category: Sweets
Canestrelli Biscuits
Canestrelli are produced in Crevacuore (Biella) and in several Municipalities of the area of Turin (Canavese, Vaie, and Valle di Susa). They are biscuits with an irregular shape given to the processing techniques.
Category: Sweets
The Duchess' Biscuits
The Duchess' Biscuits are produced in San Giorgio Canavese (Turin). They are cocoa biscuits with a tapered shape, rounded angles and edges, and a crumbly consistency.
Category: Sweets
Brus da latte
Brus da latte is produced all year round in the valleys of the Canavese area (Turin). It is a cheese cream fermented twice, fresh cheese made with whole cow's milk that can be eaten fresh or after 5-6 months of maturation.
Category: Cheese
Dry Tomino Canavesano
Dry Tomino Canavesano is produced all year round in the Canavese area (Turin). It is a fat cheese produced with whole cow's milk. It has a raw and compact texture and matures for 5-10 days.
Category: Cheese
Fresh Tomino Canavesano
Fresh Tomino Canavesano is produced all year round in the Canavese area (Turin). It is a fat cheese produced with whole cow's milk. It has a fresh and soft texture and matures for 1-2 days.
Category: Cheese
Red-rind Cheese
The Red-rind Cheese is produced all year round in Valle di Susa and Canavese area (Turin); however, it is also produced in some locations of the Cuneese plain. It is a fat cheese with a raw and soft texture, produced with whole cow's milk, and maturing...
Category: Cheese
Honey Varieties of Piedmont
The honey varieties of Piedmont are produced in almost all the Piedmont area in summer and are characterized by the heterogeneous subalpine flora and the various altimetric conditions.
Category: Honey
Ajucche are harvested and eaten in spring in the area of Canavese (Turin) and in some areas of the Biellese. Locally called also Agiuche or Aioche, they are spontaneous herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Phyteuma growing in the mountain pastures...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Ivrea Small Onions
Ivrea Small Onions are cultivated in Quincinetto and Tavagnasco (Turin), and are harvested in mid-August. They are small-size onions, with a diameter between the 10 and 80mm, a spherical or sub-rounded shape. They have a light hazelnut color.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Frisse and Grive
Frisse are produced in Monferrato (Asti) and in Canavese area (Turin), while Grive can be found in the Langhe (Cuneo). Moreover, they are produced in other areas of Piedmont with very different recipes and with different name. However, they are usually...
Category: Cold Cuts
Goat's Salami
Goat's Salami is a characteristic product of the alpine chain, especially of Valle di Lanzo and Canavese area (Turin) and in Valsesia (Vercelli). It is a sausage made with goat's meat and lard.
Category: Cold Cuts
Mocetta is produced in the Canavese area (Turin), in Valsesia (Vercelli), in Val d'Ossola (Verbania) and, in general, throughout the alpine chain, mainly in autumn. It is obtained from the leg, the shoulder, or other cuts of chamois, cow, sheep,...
Category: Cold Cuts
Potato Salami
Potato Salami is produced in the Canavese area (Turin) in autumn-winter. It is a sausage whose name derives from the presence of potatoes among the ingredients.
Category: Cold Cuts
The so-called Prete is produced in various areas of Piedmont. It is obtained from the pork rind cut into stripes, wrapped up and tied up with a string. It is seasoned with salt, pepper, sage, rosemary, and spices.
Category: Cold Cuts
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