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Quality of food products at Alcantara Park

As you enter the Park, the hubbub of daily life falls silent, and each flower and each plant spins its own discourse.

They invite us to reflect on those who came before us in the fields of history. Each plant, flower, vegetable becomes a symbol, in the incessant flowing of the fertile and all-regenerating river.

Getting out of the city and in contact with plants, flowers and trees, will be a way to relive our history and culture, at the same time noble and folk, including the use of herbs for magical or medical purposes, and their meaning in the love language.

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The fruits of Alcantara
The fruits of Alcantara
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The story of the "Interdonato Lemon" started in 1875, when the hero of the Garibaldi's army, the colonel Giovanni Interdonato, selected this particular cultivar. The fruits of this plant species stand out for their early ripening period, their big...
Category: Fruit
Nut of Motta Camastra
It is one of the main typical agricultural products of Motta Camastra, and it is characterized by a high polyphenol and mineral salt content (manganese, zinc, copper and selenium). The polyphenol content in the oil extracted from the nuts of Motta Camastra...
Category: Fruit
Peach of Mojo
It is a local traditional product of the Municipality of Mojo Alcantara, which is characterized by high quality standards related to the lowland-alluvial and Etna's foothill territory. Tradition has strengthened the cultivation techniques as well...
Category: Fruit
Sight Deep golden yellow with intense green shades. Smell Fruity, of light or medium intensity. Fruity and vegetable, slightly characterized by a smell of ripe tomato, aromatic herbs and dried fruit.
Category: Oil
Valdemone Extra-virgin olive oil - Protected designation of origin
Extra-virgin olive oil "Valdemone" with protected designation of origin is extracted from several olive tree types: Santagatese, Ogliarola Messinese and Minuta, that are present in the olive groves with a minimum percentage of 70%. The types called Mandanici,...
Category: Oil
Red cabbage from Mojo
With its intensely pigmented color, the red cabbage is a local type whose organoleptic properties and pigmentation due to anthocyanins derive from the thermal gradient of the areas at the foot of the Etna (strong temperature range between day and night)....
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
DOC Etna Red Wine
On the Mount Etna the grapevine plays a fundamental role. The 'Homo Etneus' enhanced a rugged and wild territory by building majestic terraces, dry-stone walls and the so-called 'Palmenti' (places where grapes were crushed), which are...
Category: Wine
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