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Antro del Corchia

In the Heart of Tuscany there is an 'Empty Mountain'...

Set among the mountains of Alta Versilia within Alpi Apuane Park and near the towns of Levigliani and Terrinca (in the territory of the Municipality of Stazzema), Mt. Corchia (1,678m) is situated in the southern part of Alpi Apuane, along the main watershed of the same mountain chain: it is a carbonate massif with steep slopes covered with grass at the summit, dug by cirques and other forms of the last glaciation: here several caves open, like Tana dei Gracchi, Tana dell'Omo Selvatico at Foce di Mosceta, Buca del Cane, as well as the famous Antro del Corchia.

with its 5 million years of geological history, Antro del Corchia is the most important Italian karstic system
60 km of galleries and wells, with 1,200m of maximum difference in height making it the deepest cave in Italy. These are just some numbers of Antro del Corchia, the most important Italian karstic system and one of the largest in Europe which, since August 2001 can be visited by tourists thanks to an equipped and lit route developing for a kilometer in the bowels of the earth.

The Data of Corchia

  • Maximum difference in height: 43m (total difference in height back and forth: 356m)
  • Height of the mountain above sea level: 1,678m
  • Entrances to Antro known at the moment: 13 (Gracchi, Cacciatore, Eolo, Farolfi, Serpente, III, IV, Black and White, Becco, Mamma, Pompieri, Cava Tavolini "A", Bukellen)
  • Altitude of the highest entrance (Buca del Cacciatore): 1,637m
  • Depth of the bottom of Antro: 450m
  • Maximum difference in height of the karstic system: 1,187m
  • Length of galleries and wells: 60 km
  • Total length of the route: 1,978m (of which 1,642 in natural galleries and 336 in the artificial gallery)
  • Walking time, including stops: about 2 hours
  • The temperature of the air is steady throughout the year, around 7.6°C
  • It is necessary to wear at least a jumper and trekking shoes or shoes with rubber sole

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