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Il Percorso Botanico delle Scuole Primarie del Pero (Varazze)

The project leading to this publication is part of a complex didactic route that the Experience Center of Beigua Park has coordinated within the program of environmental education proposals 2008/2009 - "Ecoagire - Cambio stile per l'ambiente", with reference to the regional programs as far as Information, Training, and Environmental Education are concerned (INFEA).
The goals developed in the project have been the promotion of the policies for the knowledge and safeguard of "biodiversity" in protected areas like parks and the areas of Natura 2000 Network, including initiatives and actions promoting the use of the natural heritage according to rules adopted at an international level in the field of international tourism.
The initiative was the result of a wonderful co-planning based on the essential participation of the Primary School Pero (in particular with the teachers Perata Liliana, Vallerga Bruna and Zunino Liliana), with the support of the Municipality of Varazze, but above all with the enthusiastic contribution of the families that have "supported" kids in the implementation of a practical action, consistent with the premises of the initial project. It is a "good practice" tuned by the pupils of the Primary School Pero, in the mountains of Varazze, that have translated some of the goals that the Experience Center is trying to pursue through didactic activities dedicated to the theme of the knowledge of the territory of competence, developing at the same time training routes aiming at achieving a specific cultural growth in the environmental field.

The present publication, as many other projects carried out by the Park Authority, represents another tangible result of the various forms of collaboration and participation promoted and coordinated by the Experience Center in order to develop and state ideas, projects, actions, and good practices in the field of environmental education to sustainable development, with the involvement of various stakeholders of Beigua territory.
Il Percorso Botanico delle Scuole Primarie del Pero (Varazze)
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  • Year: 2011
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Notes: Authors: pupils of the Primary School Pero (Varazze)

Il Percorso Botanico delle Scuole Primarie del Pero (Varazze)
Il Percorso Botanico delle Scuole Primarie del Pero (Varazze)
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