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"Naturally Tasty" local products

Flavours, perfumes, and food traditions of Beigua Park

Many delicacies can be tasted at Beigua Park, starting from the very ancient confectionery industry ("amaretti of Sassello", exported all over the world, the delicious "crumiri of Masone" and Sambuco bakery). The wide range of dairy products (milk and cheese) is not to be missed, and so are beef and sheep meat processed in many different ways, the colourful and tasty berries, chestnuts and all the fine dishes prepared with them, mushrooms, scented fruit jams, all the delicious honey varieties, which are valuable environmental indicators of the Park valleys... and much more!

To underline the connection between the protected area and local food processing, promoting how the latter belongs to tradition and is linked to specific seasons, and acknowledging its role in enriching local biodiversity, Beigua Park has created the label "Naturally Tasty": the label is assigned to fresh or processed local products, coming from one of the municipalities of Beigua Park. Cheese, sausages, bakery products, preserves, and all the other unique Beigua delicacies thus become representatives of biodiversity and keepers of ancient local traditions; producers, on their side, and together with the Park, help to promote the beauty of this area in all its manifold facets, including the culinary one.

The label "Naturally Tasty" is assigned according to a specific PDF Regulation; producers can apply by using the dedicated PDF form.

For the Honey Types of Beigua Park, a specific measure has been activated to enhance the beekeeping companies operating in Beigua Park. Moreover, for a few years, the Park Authority has been participating with its beekeepers in the Contest "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria".


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Amaretto of Sassello
Amaretti are made following an ancient recipe dating back to the 1800s, which consists of almonds, egg whites, sugar and apricot kernels, the ingredient that gives them that bitter distinctive taste. The amaretto, with its round and slightly squashed-shape...
Category: Sweets
Canestrelli di Sambuco
Delectable handmade biscuits produced in the hamlet of Sambuco, in the hinterland of Voltri, in the Cerusa Valley. They are gourmet pastry canestrelli made following a very old traditional recipe using fresh butter, flour and vanilla sugar. The ingredients,...
Category: Sweets
Crumiri di Masone
Prepared using an ancient recipe from Masone, this golden coloured biscuit is obtained by mixing very finely ground cornmeal, wheat flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and lemon zest, and despite its rustic consistency it fully satisfies even the most demanding...
Category: Sweets
Beigua pecorino cheese
Produced in the Stella area, this pecorino cheese is made from raw milk with the addition of liquid rennet. The ideal maturation period is about six months. The colour of the crust is straw yellow; the inside of the cheese is light yellow, pleasantly...
Category: Cheese
Formaggetta from the Stura Valley
This is a fresh or semi-mature cheese made of raw cow milk, cylinder-shaped with a diameter of 15 cm and is 8-10 cm high. Externally the colour varies between pale yellow and a more intense yellow depending on its ageing. The paste may present some holes...
Category: Cheese
Honey Types of Beigua Park
For its particular position straddle the watershed of the Apennines and for its proximity to the sea, Beigua Regional Park is considered one of the most important areas of Liguria for its biodiversity. The nature of the Park territory has enabled the...
Category: Honey
Cornmeal Focaccia (Revzora)
The name “revzöra” derives from “ravezö”, which, in the local dialect, indicates the sieved bran that substituted white flour in doughs during hard times. Nowadays, this typical focaccina from Campo Ligure in the Stura...
Category: Bread
Cooked ham
It is a delicacy produced following a recipe that is over a hundred years old, belonging to the historic butcher-delicatessen shop in Sassello. The family-owned company does not purchase meat from slaughterhouses but personally sees to the slaughtering...
Category: Cold Cuts
Lard Paté
This fresh delicacy derives from the processing of pig lard, which is cut into pieces and minced, then salted and flavoured with local herbs. The paté is enjoyed spread on warm slices of bread. In Sassello, the pâté is sold as a spreadable...
Category: Cold Cuts
Sassello Cooked and Raw Salami
Both cooked and raw salami are cold meats prepared by hand according to the traditional recipe of the Sassello area. Cooked salami, that is stuffed inside the intestines of a cow, is prepared using the less noble parts of the pig and then boiled. On...
Category: Cold Cuts
Testa in cassetta (minced pork pressed into a form)
This cold meat is prepared following a process that is typical of the hinterland of Genoa and Savona. Also known as soppressata, the ‘testa in cassetta’ is prepared starting from pig scraps, mainly the head, tongue, fat, rind and cartilages....
Category: Cold Cuts
This is undoubtedly the most famous Ligurian condiment in the world, used to season main courses: from soft potato gnocchi, trofiette and lasagne, to simple trenette with potatoes and green beans. The main ingredient in the preparation of traditional...
Category: Further Products
Tirotto is the typical bread of Sassello made from wheat flour and potatoes. It is pulled into shape, “tirato”, from which it takes its name, and slightly rolled. This is a special type of bread that can be prepared in various ways: there...
Category: Further Products
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