The Park Services

The Park invests considerable resources for the services addressed to visitors, with the aim to inform and educate the several persons visiting every day the protected area, or "meeting" the Park on other occasions.
Therefore, for the public the Park changes its look and becomes "the Park and the fair", "the Park on display", "the Park on tour", etc.

The Park Informs...

During the weekend and according to the calendar established by the Park, in "R. Levati" and "Casinetto" Park Centers, the information service and the sales point of material on the Park and gadgets are open.
Further information can be found along the paths by reading the showcases and the information panels of the Park.

The Park Informs...

The Park in Fair

Every year the Park is present in fairs dedicated to nursery gardens and tourism, like Fiera del Giglio in Colorno (PR); the fair of "Frutti Antichi" in Paderna (PC), dedicated to ancient fruits, and Parcoproduce (AN) in collaboration with the other protected areas of the Province.

The Park on Display

In Casinetto exhibit hall, exhibits dedicated to drawing, craftsmanship, painting, and sculpture are organized. Since the autumn 2001, one of the exhibit halls has been dedicated to a collection of wood coming from all over the world and given to the Park by the Carrega family. Other spaces in "R. Levati" and "Casinetto" Park Centers will be dedicated to an exhibit on the roe deer, the symbol of the Park.

The Park... on Tour

The Park can be visited every day, from dawn to the sunset.
There is a service of guided visits on foot or by carriage, by previous booking. The visitors can choose different typologies of guided visits, from the classical "frontal lesson" to visits based on games and animation. The guided visits by carriage are an ideal opportunity to grasp the suggestive aspects of the Park such as the historical atmosphere in the monumental gardens or the closer observation of the roe deers in the clearings. The guided visits are on payment. With the support of informative material (maps of the paths, books...) you can visit the Park on your own.

The Park... on Tour

The Park and its Events

Theatrical performances, concerts, sports events and other activities are carried out considering the main aim of the Park, that is the preservation of the natural resources.

The Park in the Classroom

Seminars, workshops, and meetings are organized to discuss about conservation and nature, about parks and sustainable development, and to train operators, teachers, and all the citizens who want to collaborate with the Park.

The Park at School

The Park has been dealing with didactics and environmental education for twenty years, and suggests several activities and packages for every kind of school. Among them, didactic trips, thematic labs (green toy library, bird watching, sensory activities...); projections and meetings in the classroom (ecology of the woodland; plants and animals of the Park...); more complex projects. There is also a "green point" for teachers, where they can gather information and plan initiatives.

Further information

The Park at School

Faunistic-hunting management of the Park's adjacent area

The Regional Law No. 6/2005 s.m.i entrusted the Park with important functions and authority as far as the fauna management and hunting management in the Adjacent Areas (Preparco) are concerned. The article 38 "Gestione faunistico-venatoria nelle aree contigue ai Parchi regionali" (Fauna and hunting management in the adjacent areas of the regional Parks) provides that:

  1. In the regional Parks' adjacent areas, hunting is only allowed in the form of scheduled hunting, and the access of the hunters is only allowed according to the presence-planning criterium, giving priority to the hunters residing in the Park's Municipalities and in the adjacent area.
  2. A specific sector Regulation adopted and approved in compliance with the procedures provided by the article 32 and lasting at least two years, which establishes the measures to regulate the faunistic-hunting activities in the adjacent area.
  3. The measures for the regulation of the hunting activity provided for by the clause 2, and the hunting density allowed in the adjacent area, must guarantee a hunting pressure lower than that of the related territories where hunting is allowed.
  4. The Managing Authority directly manages the adjacent areas for the purpose of hunting, by previous agreement with the Province, which manages the same issue after the signing of a specific agreement.
  5. The Managing authority of the Park can plan earnings deriving from the services offered in order to make the implementation of the hunting activity possible.

Since 2012, following the entering into force of the Regional Law 24/2011 entitled "Riorganizzazione del Sistema Regionale delle Aree Protette e dei Siti della Rete Natura 2000 e istituzione del Parco Regionale dello Stirone e del Piacenziano" (Reorganization of the Regional System of Protected Areas and Natura 2000 Sites, and establishment of the Parco Regionale dello Stirone e del Piacenziano), the management of the Parco Regionale Boschi di Carrega was entrusted to the Ente di Gestione per i Parchi e la Biodiversità Emilia Occidentale.

In compliance with the article 6, clause 4, letter h of the Regional Law 24/2011, the Executive Committee of the Managing Authority is in charge of the approval of the regulation of the Parks and of the Nature Reserves, by previously consulting the involved Province.

As far as the hunting activity in the Adjacent Area of the Parco Boschi di Carrega is concerned, the years 2013/2014/2015 are regulated by the Decision No. 47 of 28th June 2013 of the Executive Committee, which approved the Regulation you can find below.

The "Area Vigilanza Ambientale e Gestione Faunistica/CRAS Casa Rossa/Centro Referenza Lupo/Volontariato" is in charge of the faunistic-hunting issues, with Mrs. Margherita Corradi being the person in charge. The operational headquarters are situated at the Levati Center - Via Olma 3 43038 Sala Baganza (PR) Ph. and fax +39 0521/833440 - E-mail:

Hunting stations 2013/2014/2015


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