Parco Naturale Regionale Bosco Incoronata


Dauno Extra-Virgin Olive Oil PDO

It has a color going from green to yellow. Maximum acidity: 0.6%. Slightly fruity fragrance. Fruity taste with a marked spicy and bitter sensation.

  • Product Category: Olive oil
  • Official Name in G.U. List: Olio Extravergine Dauno DOP
  • Production Areas: All the territory of Foggia but, according to the area and variety composition, there are 4 different oils: Basso Tavoliere, Gargano, Alto Tavoliere, Sub Appennino
  • Product Tradition: The ancient olive oil production vocation of the area is witnessed by the term "Daunia", used by the Romans to refer to the current territory in the Province of Foggia. From here the origin of the name "Dauno".
  • Remarks: The gastronomic combinations are several and vary according to the kind of oil used. Basso Tavoliere can be combined with pasta and soups with strong tastes, roasts, and cooked vegetables; Gargano has a more delicate taste and can therefore be combined with fish, shellfish, or raw vegetables. Alto Tavoliere is ideal for vegetables dipped in oil with salt and pepper, salads, and bruschette. Sub Appennino is ideal for refined fried dishes and in confectionery.
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