Parco del Bosco delle Querce di Seveso e Meda


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  • Land Surface Area: 42.70 ha
  • Regions: Lombardia
  • Provinces: Monza e Brianza
  • Municipalities: Meda, Seveso
  • PA Official List: EUAP0899

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The Natural Environment

As far as geomorphology is concerned, Bosco delle Querce is situated in the upper diluvial plain, at about 210m a.s.l., at the edge between the hilly area of the morainic arcs in the north and the terraced plateaus of the river-glacial deposits deriving from the erosion of the morainic deposits in the south. The subsoil of the river-glacial deposits is permeable, with a mainly gravelly-sandy composition.

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The Park Zoning

In 1992, when the Park had assumed a more precise shape, thanks to the positive evolution of the ecosystem and the fact that it would be open to the public, Azienda regionale delle Foreste (the Regional Forest Department) established a park zoning, according to specific functional purposes.
The Park was divided into 5 areas established according to a vocational study: landscape area (5 hectares), naturalistic area (16.5 hectares), intensive recreational area (7.2 hectares), extensive recreational area (8 hectares), and area of respect (6 hectares), for a total of 42.7 hectares.

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Vegetational Evolution

Bosco delle Querce di Seveso e Meda has been entirely constructed by man with the aim to create a forest having characteristics similar to those of the original forests, mainly consisting of Pedunculate Oaks, Scots Pines, Birch trees, Common Hornbeams, Common Alders, and White Willows.
The most widespread typology in the area is represented by the meadows covered with trees alternating with shrubby areas, above all near Seveso and Meda hills. Within this matrix, a spontaneous forest has evolved with a very rich undergrowth, forming an area with a naturalistic vocation and limited access.

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Wildlife Evolution

The artificial origins of Bosco delle Querce and its isolation from the rest of the territory cause a difficult accessibility for animals, except for birds. In particular, the presence of infrastructures of great impact like the expressway Milan-Meda interrupts the environmental continuity and hinders wildlife mobility.

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